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Remote Audiobook Production

(For narration remotely recorded by client)
Send Your Manuscript

Send your manuscript to lincoln@wingerdmedia.com

Finding A Recording Space
Find the quietest room for you to record in.
    1. Avoid large rooms with echo or small rooms with hard walls that will sound "boxy". Some find a closet full of clothes to be perfect.
    2. Be aware of traffic, A/C or other noises that may find their way into your recording.
    3. Be aware of the TIME you record. Make sure that you aren’t recording when there is high traffic in your area or your neighbor’s lawns are being mowed.
Equipment/Software overview

REAPER recording software (free): https://www.reaper.fm/download.php

Introduction to REAPER:






Adding Shortcut One Drive Folder

One Drive is the cloud system that we will use to seamlessly sync recording and editing without the need of transferring files back and forth.


Audiobook Best Practices
  • Read/prep/mark script before recording so you are comfortable with it.
    • Do you have extra materials in your book? Think of have you will verbalize this int he audiobook, and how you will facilitate them accessing this content.
  • Warm-up your voice. Gentle humming through the morning does wonders, if you really want a more intense warm-up, there are thousands of narration/vocal warm-ups available on YouTube!
  • Luke-warm and hot beverages are best for your voice, and we suggest avoiding dairy the day of recording.
  • Clothing:
    • Try to avoid noisy clothing (e.g.: jingling jewelry and rustling fabric…cotton is best)
  • Relax! You will sound great if you are enjoying the process and having fun!
  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks (beverage breaks, bathroom breaks, and mental breaks are always needed)
  • Mic positioning
    • Position the mic about 6in. away from your mouth. For a quick check be about a “hang 10” or “Y-hand” away.
  • Use a dog clicker to redo mistakes (No one is perfect)
    • Feel free to redo sentences until you say it the way you want it to sound. We will be editing out the extra takes, so don’t be afraid to say it again!

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Recording A Sample
  1. You will record an audio clip of about a minute or two for me to review the room noise, and if it will work for the recording.

Screenshot 2023-10-28 161936

Recording Your Audiobook
You are free to record your book chapter by chapter!
Editing (Wingerd Media)

I will then edit each chapter, and mark corrections inside of REAPER and the manuscript for you to rerecord. 


You will record each correction on the “corrections” track.

There will be a corresponding comment in a Word doc to the marker inside of REAPER.

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Audiobook Review

After editing in the corrections I will put the chapters on a private SoundCloud playlist for you to review and see if there are any other changes you would like to add.

Rendering The Final Audiobook (Wingerd Media)
Once the audiobook is reviewed and all corrections are done, I will render the chapters to ACX standards and send them to you for distribution.
*Distribution (Wingerd Media)

Wingerd Media is happy to assist in distributing audiobook to over 45 distributers – Additional fees will be applied.