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Audiobook Production and Social Media Management

You poured your soul into your book. Now what?

You poured your soul into your book. Now what? People are asking if there will be an audiobook version, and you are unsure of how to promote your book online.

You entered this journey as an author, not an audio engineer or social media manager!

Let Wingerd Media take the weight off your shoulders. We LOVE authors and want to see you succeed. That's why we're here!

Audiobook Production

Recording, Editing, Mastering, Distributing...

Where Do I Begin?

Audiobook Production

Wingerd Media makes it easy to have your audiobook produced the way YOU want. With three options to choose from, you can confidently record your book remotely, in our studio, or have one of our professional narrators bring your book to life!

We take the guesswork out of how to distribute your audiobook. We can assist in getting your book into over 45 libraries and online retailers

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Content Creation, Keyword Research, Tagging, Scheduling...

This Is A Lot!

Social Media

Wingerd Media removes the confusion and headache from content creation. We handle everything from creating graphics to formatting and editing your videos for each platform.

We not only create this content but also schedule your posts with thoughtfully curated keywords and hashtags. This provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your social platforms consistently deliver value to your audience and keep your business top of mind.